The Characters

El Padre

Carlos Salinas

A young actor who combines dramatic performance and musical interpretation with perfection. His unique and penetrating voice gives his performance an emotional intensity. After working in many plays, films and music, his first foray into the musical aspects of the circus is proving to be an exciting discovery.

The father tries to accept the loss of his wife and also tries to help his daughter to do so. Thanks to his daughter, he begins to realize that his attitude towards nature and the environment has been irresponsible. Together they travel on a journey where they rediscover each other, to a far greater degree than they could have imagined, deepening and enriching their relationship.

El Clown Vagabundo

Gabriel Chamé Buendia

Founder and actor of El Clu del Claun (1985-90 Theatrical Clown Company) which delighted Latin American audiences, introducing them to a new artform. The company created seven shows and enjoyed numerous successful tours in Latin America and Spain. Since 1990 his work has extended to Europe as an actor, director and teacher. He has taught prestigious Spanish and international actors. For seven years he has been the principal clown in Quidam by Cirque du Soleil, touring the USA, Europe and Japan.

A charming and intriguing wanderer who plays a “guardian angel” role for both the father and daughter. He is a time traveler between the different worlds that make up Storm, a kind of White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. With his sense of humour he acts as a special link between the various events and characters. He is both tender and surprising with his creative humour.

La Hija

Zoe Sabattié

Aerial performer specialising in Web Swinging, Double Ring, Rope and Trapeze Duo. Having performed in both France and Canada achieved a place with Cirque du Soleil and entered the Circus School of Quebec. With a great stage presence, Zoe shines in both the strong dramatic moments as well as the more joyful ones.

A girl with a poor relationship with her father is forced to face a new life with him after the loss of her mother. Her mind is a confusion of emotions: grief, rage, helplessness, sadness... which surface in the form of disagreements with her father. She takes refuge in nature, which she loves and cares for, and she lives the tale with its multitude of characters and moods.