Cirque Imaginaire’s musicians have been selected not only for their skills with instruments, but also for their unique talents, unique vocals and ability to bring to life characters full of emotion. On stage throughout the show, their interaction with the Clown Wanderer sets the tempo and mood throughout the story.



Carlos Álvarez (Jano)

Musician, actor and musical director on many shows. An amazing mime artist and "man band", Carlos is able to _nd music in the most unlikely objects, masterfully dominating all kinds of percussion instruments. Serves as assistant to the Clown and as a link between the real world and the dream world.

Selma Candel

A violinist who combines exceptional instrumental skills with educational skills, teaching countless musical language courses, viola and violin. Passionate about interpretation, Selma has also played lead roles as a narrator, and performed as a singer and songwriter in several bands. In Storm she is the musical alter ego of the girl's voice in songs, also a fairy-like character who lives in the world of dreams.

Rubén Llorach

Percussionist. Ruben began playing Latin percussion with Latin bands and fusion, and has made forays into world music and Eastern Africa percussion. In recent years he has focused on flamenco. He is passionate about the hang, a new instrument created in 2000, composed of two pieces of oval shaped metal, like the Caribbean steel drum. It is played with the fingers and has a very enveloping and pleasing sound. His character looks like a rather unkempt and esoteric pirate, in harsh contrast to the sweetness of the instrument.