Interesting Facts

  • 21 circus performers, 3 musicians, 13 technicians and 3 trailers, travelling from city to city to carry Storm on tour.
  • The circus performers come from productions with such pedigree as Cirque du Soleil, Afrika-Afrika, and shows by renowned Las Vegas entertainers Franco Dragone and Robert Lepage.
  • The company is a miniature Tower of Babel, bringing together people from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Mongolia, France, Australia, Russia and Spain.
  • Storm is more than a circus, more than a play, and more than a musical: the audience experiences wind, rain, snow, fire, and the eruption of a volcano without leaving their theatre seats.
  • Surround sound and powerful vocals convey the effects of a storm, within a storm of emotions.
  • There are video projections on a semi circular water curtain with a diameter of 4m.
  • Two FOY motors are used for aerial choreographies, just like in Broadway and West-End shows.
  • Storm features 95 original pieces of costuming. Two costume supervisors go on tour with the company to keep the costumes in perfect condition.
  • Thanks to the special effects that surround the whole show a lava river covers the stalls together with a colorful rain, in a jaw-dropping act, besides other surprises that cannot be told and can only be experienced at the theatre.

Making Of

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