The Story

After his wife’s death, a father concerned about his daughter decides to take her on a picnic, in an attempt to leave the grief and sorrow behind and face the future once again with enthusiasm. The daughter, disappointed by the suggestion, rebels against her father and an unexpected journey begins for both of them.

The carelessness with which the father treats the environment is another reason for his daughter’s disdain, causing tension and distance between them as their relationship deteriorates. The different emotions being experienced by the father and daughter are reflected simultaneously in the changing weather patterns they experience on Earth, from the initial calm to a breeze, which becomes increasingly sultry and finally ends in a storm.


On the road appears a mysterious wanderer – a clown character - who acts as an intermediary between the father’s real world, the child’s dream world of music and magical characters, and the circus world with their spectacular routines. The clown enables the father and daughter to understand each other and unites them to face the worst of the storms.

The show will bring four seasons in one day, rousing the elements: air, water, earth and fire, to an exciting finale revealing Earth’s fury.

Structure of the show

The show is divided into four parts, each re_ecting the state of the father-daughter relationship as well as nature.

ACT I (50 minutes)

  • Part 1: CALM / Introduction to the characters and the story background, the melancholy before the start of the action.
  • Part 2: BREEZE / Disagreements begin, winds of change coming.

ACT II (45 minutes)

  • Part 3: SULTRY / While tensions between the father and daughter arise, we see that nature also suffers from human abuse.
  • Part 4: STORM / The climax of their relationship unleashes nature’s fury. Although after a storm there is always calm...

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