Storm is a Cirque Imaginaire’s production. The show is a powerful story of a father anddaughter’s emotional journey as they witness man’s impact on the forces of nature. The audience experiences not only a storm of emotions but the power of nature from their theatre seat.

Paying tribute to some of the most innovative circus shows of the last 15 years, Storm promises to take audiences even further, on a fantastical journey through rain, snow, wind and _re, with the strong threads of human emotion binding the various breathtaking circus acts together.

Featuring 21 outstanding circus performers - many of whom are former Cirque du Soleil artists -including jugglers, aerialists, acrobats and gymnasts, as well as on-stage musicians and a narrator, Storm delivers high theatrical value in the intimate setting of a theatre stage.

Breaking down the ‘Fourth Wall’ of the stage - the conventional barrier between the action on stage and the audience - the drama reaches out to include the audience with unexpected effects.

The live music and songs lead us through two parallel stories: the efforts of a father and daughter who, while mourning the loss of the mother, must learn to live together looking ahead despite their differences; and the abuse of the land by humans.

Trailer STORM

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